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The French Nomad

21 Jul

As excited as I am for this upcoming year, I am also dealing with some not so happy emotions. I, in this time of life, have become a nomad, a wanderer. Staying nowhere for more than a year. Constantly moving, changing, adapting, yet still having a good time. But each time I leave somewhere, I’m not just leaving behind a place, but also (new) friends and family, experiences, and groups. While we pledge we will stay in touch and that we’ll see each other soon, things change, people move on, lose contact and opportunities are lost.

In my years at community, I made super close friends with some people and we promised to hang out every time I was home and that they would visit me. But, in reality they replaced me with someone else. In this past year at SDSU, I made dozens of new friends and had a wonderful time, but having only been there a year I wonder if the same thing will happen, even though I will be returning (for just one more year). This summer I made some new friends and now after only two months, I have to leave those behind as well, probably never to return. With less than a month now before I leave, this has become a ever-present emotion which I don’t like at all.

Even though its in my blood to wander (jew and all), I’m tired of it and want to settle, to stay near friends and family and have a constant. But that doesn’t seem to want to happen for many years now.



Here’s how I’m feeling

The Valiant Voyage of the Visa

17 Jul

Friday it was done and Monday it was received. A very efficient French bureaucracy for once!

On Friday my parents and I went to San Francisco for my appointment at the Consul Général de France à SF. We left early in the morning and after a two hour drive we arrived with more than an hour to spare. So to avoid having to be in SF we went into a coffee shop and waited out the cold and weird people.

Finally it was time to go, and we made our way down the super cold SF streets and into 88 Kearny 6th Floor. I went through security and then sat and waited for my turn to present my papers. It was a tiny room and you presented your paperwork in front of everyone, so of course I was gonna listen in. After listening to other people not having all of their paperwork and needing to come back another time, I felt really glad that all of my paperwork was in order (thanks dad). I think the girl doing my visa appointment was relieved as well when I just passed her all the paperwork I needed without having to explain I was missing something. Then I left.

We expected to receive the visa a few weeks later but lo and behold, in the mail this morning there was my visa! All done. Good work French bureaucracy, good work. So now I have my visa, and I have one more month to wait before I depart. But for now I have plenty to do to get ready. Next on the checklist: my apartment. There’s a really good prospect, I just need to get all that silly paperwork together now.

Well, until next time.