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Ups and Downs and All Arounds

28 Aug

Well today was definitely a whirlwind of a day.

My day started at 7am when I woke up because I had to go to my first day of the Preparatory Language Program (PLP) that we CSUIP students do for the first month in Paris. I was placed in the advanced group so I was pretty excited about that. During the break, we went and got some yummy patisseries from a local boulangerie where a very handsome French man was working. 

After the PLP I went to do a walk through with my landlord where she handed over the keys! I’m so happy to be in my new apartment!


So happy to get my keys!

After that I went to go get my book for the PLP class and skyped with a few people and started doing homework. As the night was wrapping up I realized I needed to make sure that I set my alarm for the next morning to wake up. The only problem? I couldn’t find my phone. I’m pretty sure I left it in the communal bathroom and someone took it… So that’s that. Hopefully someone will turn it in, but honestly, its Europe and it’s an iPhone (regardless of how old it is and how long I’ve had it). So that made my night end on a shitty note.

Send some prayers!



Apartment? Check!

25 Aug

It has finally happened. I found my apartment. I am so happy that this weight has been lifted off of my chest! Me and 7 others went to go see four apartments around the city all with the same (awesome) landlord and her adorable son. The first two were chambre de bonnes and I hated them. They were on the 6th floor and it was a grueling walk up a tiny winding staircase. The next one was near the Arc de Triomphe, but it just wasn’t the one. The last one, MY apartment, is in the 1ere arrondissement, right in the center of town. It’s a little studio, about 14 meters squared, with a tiny kitchen, but has a nice bathroom with a shower/tub, and a double bed that pulls out. It’s vacant now and once I sign my contract tomorrow night I can start moving in! It’s going to be a good year. I’ll post pictures asap!

Le Tourbillon de la Vie

23 Aug

Well the past few days certainly have been a whirlwind. Not only are we all scrambling to find housing in this damned city, but we have activities that count for a grade that we cannot miss. I’ve been really exhausted lately, I can’t fall asleep until between 1 and 3 in the morning and then I wake up a few hours later and cannot go back to bed until 6 or 7. Then I wake up at 9. I took a nap but woke up so delirious I thought it was the next morning and that I was late for an activity. Scariest moment of my life.

Regardless, we’ve been doing a lot of stuff. We had an orientation, then a welcome dinner and a boat cruise on the Seine on Monday. Tuesday we had oral exams and housing search. Wednesday we did a ciné-balade, or a walking tour based off of the movie Midnight in Paris (which was kinda boring), and then today we had a cooking class which was a ton of fun. My partner Simone and I were in charge of choux (puff pastries like the ones at my party) and an olive tapenade. The chefs that were teaching us and overseeing us were very impressed with both of our dishes and we felt all warm and tingly inside. It was also super yummy. Then we searched for more housing.

It’s been really interesting meeting everyone else who is on this program. At night we congregate on the terrace at the top of our building and talk and relax. And we’ve been going to the Seine at night to hang out. We also found a really great gelato place, Amorino. SO GOOD. We’ve gone two nights in a row now, its THAT fantastic.

Housing is very stressful and I haven’t found anything yet. But here’s to hoping it gets better!

Arrived !

19 Aug

Currently dying in this terrible Parisian heat. Why did the stupid Sacramento weather have to follow me to Paris? I’m sitting in the Foyer Internationale des Etudiantes (Hostel) in my 4th floor room with no air conditioner in 101 degree heat. terrible. Just terrible. But I’m in Paris so that’s all that really matters.

I’m nice and relaxed now but I had a terrible day of travel. Originally I was supposed to leave from SFO at 740am in the morning on the 18th and arrive in Paris at 745am the 19th. Well I guess United Airlines had other plans. They cancelled my flight so we had to find a later flight to change to. So instead I left SFO at 1050am and arrived in Newark at 730pm. I got a bite to eat and talked to Ryan for a few minutes and then it was time for my plane to Paris. One more simple flight right? It wasn’t delayed or canceled (whew). However, there were so many planes waiting to take off and we were number 24 on that list so we ended up taxing for an hour which made my flight come in late at Paris (thank god for the free on demand movies and tv on the plane).

I finally arrived at 12pm in Paris where I met my friend Jessica and her mom who graciously brought me to my hostel. I was somewhat delirious from sleeping so much on the plane that I’m pretty sure I didn’t impress much with my French skills, but I think I did an alright job. We made it to the hostel and checked in and said goodbye to them for the day. I thought I had packed to much when I got into the elevator and it was nothing more than a sliver. No more than 2ft by 5ft. But somehow both of my suitcases, Jessica, her mom, I and one other managed to fit inside. But once I met my roommate I realized I had nothing to worry about–she brought 5 suitcases–and pretty much everyone else brought 2.

The hostel is really interesting and I can’t wait to explore Paris. Going off to do that now.

Until the next. M

The Farewell Tour

16 Aug

Well these past couple of days have been a whirlwind between trying to pack and get everything in order, and saying goodbye to everyone that I won’t see for a year. Last Saturday I had my Bon Voyage party and I got to say goodbye to a majority of people, and then go out for a night of dancing. It’s been a really rough week and I’m really sad that I won’t see my friends and family for a year. Tonight I’m saying goodbye to Ryan. This is going to be really tough seeing as we’ve been inseparable all summer.

ImageRyan and I out dancing.

Regardless, I am so excited for my upcoming adventures and I cannot wait to step off of that plane in PARIS! My friend Jessica (former exchange student from Paris) is picking me up from the airport. It’ll be nice to see a familiar face before the hectic week coming up in trying to find an apartment, open a bank account, get a phone. If I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to you before I left I’m sorry! But I’ll see you all in a year!