Ça Fait Longtemps…

15 Oct

Well, its been two weeks since I’ve written because I’ve been without internet again. Finally ordered internet for myself, but they don’t come in to install it until Wednesday. Luckily the service I signed up with has wifi for its customers all over the city so I have a passcode to it now! But lots of things have happened in the past few weeks!

School started for one. I’m really enjoying all of my classes though Mondays are pretty long days. I have 8 hours of class straight on that day. And just 3 hours Tuesdays through Thursdays. I’m taking Phonetics, Grammar, Rules of the Language (a different type of grammar class), Organizing Writings, History of Paris (part lecture, part walking tour of Paris, extremely interesting class), and Comprehension and Expression through Literary Texts. 

But besides school we’ve been enjoying the city and going out all night on Saturdays. Last weekend was an event called Nuit Blanche (Insomnia) and all over Paris the museums and a lot of shops stayed open all night. My friends and I walked all around the city and it was a great time. We ended the night by going to our favorite club.

Now I’m starting to look at traveling. Simone and I are trying to find a weekend trip to go on, preferably to the Loire Valley to see all the Chateaux (castles). Also looking at going to the Netherlands and possibly Normandy. Also starting to plan Ryan’s trip here. Might be going to Italy or Spain but he won’t help me decide. So if you have any suggestions let me know!

Also you should send me letters or things from home! All I get now are bills and thats just no fun at all. Letters, pictures, food items, CDs, MONEY are all welcome and accepted. Especially money. It’s expensive living here. So if you would like to do that, message or email me and I’ll send you my mailing address!

À la prochaine ! 

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