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How Embarrassing…

29 May

And I was doing so well ! Well, not THAT well apparently. It has been over a year since I posted and goodness gracious have things changed. I moved back to San Diego from Paris, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in French and Francophone Studies (Magna Cum Laude, what what! — though I’m upset because I ended up with a GPA of 3.79 and Summa Cum Laude is 3.8 -_-) and I started studying Hebrew.


Graduated with more cords than you can count !

What didn’t change is that I’m still nannying, and most of the kids I watch are Francophone, so that gives me good practice. Funny enough I’m teaching French to French kids: the little girl I work with most (who is 2 years old) has a father from France and a mother from Iran and they want their girl to speak French. So in an effort to teach their daughter French, they hire a Francophone nanny…who just happens to be me (?!). I don’t know how it happened, the non-native English speakers speak to the girl in English, and the non-native French speaker speaks to the girl in French. Poor child. The accents she’ll have. But to see her grow and learn from me is absolutely fascinating and heartwarming. I have (somewhat successfully) taught her French and to hear her say things to me that I taught her is the coolest feeling in the world.

I’ve been dating a pretty cool guy named Eytan. He’s an EMT and working on becoming a paramedic with the ultimate goal of firefighting. So that’s fun.

However, in September…


I was accepted to become an English Teaching Assistant in France for this upcoming school year ! So I’ll be moving to the south this time (Languedoc-Rossillion region). Being through the French government, they haven’t quite let me know what city I’ll be moving to, but once I find that out it will be wonderful !

So here’s to hoping that I can keep this up. And by this I mean my blog. Wish me luck.

France, here I come !

France, here I come !