How Embarrassing…

29 May

And I was doing so well ! Well, not THAT well apparently. It has been over a year since I posted and goodness gracious have things changed. I moved back to San Diego from Paris, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in French and Francophone Studies (Magna Cum Laude, what what! — though I’m upset because I ended up with a GPA of 3.79 and Summa Cum Laude is 3.8 -_-) and I started studying Hebrew.


Graduated with more cords than you can count !

What didn’t change is that I’m still nannying, and most of the kids I watch are Francophone, so that gives me good practice. Funny enough I’m teaching French to French kids: the little girl I work with most (who is 2 years old) has a father from France and a mother from Iran and they want their girl to speak French. So in an effort to teach their daughter French, they hire a Francophone nanny…who just happens to be me (?!). I don’t know how it happened, the non-native English speakers speak to the girl in English, and the non-native French speaker speaks to the girl in French. Poor child. The accents she’ll have. But to see her grow and learn from me is absolutely fascinating and heartwarming. I have (somewhat successfully) taught her French and to hear her say things to me that I taught her is the coolest feeling in the world.

I’ve been dating a pretty cool guy named Eytan. He’s an EMT and working on becoming a paramedic with the ultimate goal of firefighting. So that’s fun.

However, in September…


I was accepted to become an English Teaching Assistant in France for this upcoming school year ! So I’ll be moving to the south this time (Languedoc-Rossillion region). Being through the French government, they haven’t quite let me know what city I’ll be moving to, but once I find that out it will be wonderful !

So here’s to hoping that I can keep this up. And by this I mean my blog. Wish me luck.

France, here I come !

France, here I come !

3 Responses to “How Embarrassing…”

  1. Erica Piedra 29 May 2014 at 06:56 #

    Felicitations!!! I’m so proud of you! Seeing the progress your students make is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. I honestly couldn’t be happier for you. Enjoy it every minute of it. The memories will carry you for a lifetime and then some. In some distant future it will feel like it was another lifetime, but no one can take those life experiences from you. Wishing you continued success and a life full of blessings! Xoxo

    • lanouvellefrancilienne 29 May 2014 at 07:00 #

      Erica ! Thank you so much, I can’t believe how long ago I was just a student in your class and now I’M the teacher. So odd. I hope things are going so well for you and I miss being in your class with everyone. ❤

  2. A French American Life 29 May 2014 at 04:20 #

    So exciting for you! Hope we can visit you in the South sometime!

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