Second Impressions

23 Sep

It finally happened! I moved back to France. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be back after a year. I could not be happier. However, being gone for so long can bring changes to familiar places and many things can be forgotten.

My first 5 days back in France were spent in Paris. My old hometown. My hood. My former life. During these five days I got some things set back up : my bank account, my carte de fidelité for SNCF (the train system in France), some photocopies of documents. I also got to spend time with friends I haven’t seen in a year. We went out for dinner and drinks and it was nice to see everyone back at our favorite bar… the N’importe quoi ! I also got to spend time with the family I worked for last year. I missed them a lot, so to see them was my favorite part of being back in Paris. They cooked me dinner and I picked up my kids everyday from school just like the old days. Boy have they grown up so much. When I first met them they were 9 and 12, now they are 12 and 14! They’ve both grown taller and the older boy’s voice has changed completely. But they are still the same family I remember and we spent most of our time watching movies.

Being back in Paris was like coming home after a long trip. That being said here are my 5 REimpressions of Paris.

The smell
Even though I joked all the time in San Diego that my apartment building smelled like the Paris metro, I remember now it really wasn’t that bad. The smell in Paris gets you every time. I forgot about how many people pee on the streets in Paris, and my nose was none too happy.
Les Halles
When I lived in front of Les Halles (a shopping mall) it was seriously under construction — you couldn’t see anything and it seemed like the progress was so slow. Well, a year later it is looking great! You can actually see what they’ve been working on and they started taking down some of the blockades. Really looking forward to what it looks like in another year.

This time around people seemed super nice. I had people helping me with my bags when they could tell I was struggling and even when I was telling them no (because I didn’t want them to steal my sh*t) they insisted on helping, and they really did. Thank you kind brother and sister pair for your help. However, there are still plenty of crazies who want to shake your hand on the metro and ask if you’re happy.

Oh my goodness, I wanted to eat everything in sight. Crepes, goat cheese, crepes WITH goat cheese, fruit, chocolate, ice cream. Om nom nom it all went in my belly. I’ve been waiting a year to eat all this amazing food again, and I think I ate my body weight.
My French speaking
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with people like I used to before I moved back to the states. But apparently I slipped right back in and I surprised myself even in how well I was speaking and understanding people. I still get tired at the end of the day from my brain working hard, but it’s a good tired feeling.

In the end, being back in France = happy Mikayla

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